September 12, 2005

Webfeeds: University of Chicago Press Journals

Jay Bhatt at Drexel mentioned University of Chicago Press in his list of journals offering feeds. Another multi-disciplinary publisher with some important science titles like Astrophysical Journal, Astronomical Journal and Quarterly Review of Biology.

UC Press has done everything right on this one. There's a link off the homepage to a single list of all of the journal feeds, and the feeds are also accessible from the journal homepages.

They also have a new books feed.

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Webfeeds: American Institute of Physics

AIP now has RSS feeds for their 11 journals. For the longest time, they just had the 3 news feeds: Physics Today, Physics News Update and FYI: Science Policy News. Now they've caught up with IOP and APS.

There's currently no master list, so you'll have to go to each journal homepage. What's interesting here is that there's not only the one feed for all of the articles, but there are also "topic" feeds that correspond with the sections of the journal. For example, if you're interested in Applied Physics Letters but just the articles in the Applied Biophysics section, you can get the feed to keep track of those articles only.

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September 11, 2005

Webfeeds: Royal Society of Chemistry

Finally!! The RSC now has RSS feeds for their journals, with more on the way.

Feeds are currently available for journal Advance Articles and further feeds are planned that will cover other RSC news and activities.
Kudos to Phil Abrahams and everyone else at RSC for moving forward with this. The feeds are listed on this single page as well as on each journal homepage. There's nothing yet on the RSC homepage (hint), but there is a "latest news" link on the journals homepage.

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September 07, 2005

Webfeeds: CSIRO Publishing

Australia's CSIRO Publishing now has feeds for all of their science journals: including Australian Journal of Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, Marine & Freshwater Research, and Australian Journal of Zoology.

Plus a new books/CD's feed and another for their sustainable development magazine Ecos.

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