December 14, 2005

American Chemical Society Journals - RSS Feeds

ACS now has RSS feeds for all their journals. There are also links on the individual journal homepages, but these either go back to their main RSS/e-mail alert page, or to the list of feeds themselves (don't right-click to copy the link on the RSS button).

ACS states that the feeds are for "the Articles ASAP and the complete Tables of Contents of all of its journals." I've added a few feeds, and they are indeed a mix of individual articles with DOI's and links to TOC's when the issues are available. I've come across a few minor glitches (like a "null" title field for Accounts of Chemical Research), but otherwise this is a most welcome addition.

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December 12, 2005


The American Chemical Society now has a page for all of their feeds, including C&EN and some previous news and A-page content. They also have a "What's new" feed for the site, and another for Patent Watch page of new chemical patents.

Note: the orange RSS button on many of the pages will only take you to the page of available feeds. It's a URL for an HTML page, not for the RSS feed itself.

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December 09, 2005

For those of us who think that blogging or RSS is "so 2003/2004..."

At the CARL South Mini Conference today, I asked about 90-100 librarians if they have blogs at their libraries. Less than 10 said yes. Later, one of the RSS presenters asked who was familiar with or using RSS, even fewer hands went up. Interesting reality check.

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Web Clips (RSS) on Gmail

Google just added this feature to Gmail. You can now set it up to have feed headlines ("web clips") showing up at the top of your Gmail inbox and when you're looking at individual messages. They have some preselected feeds, which you can manually delete, and there's an option to select ones of your own.

Sorry, but I prefer to keep my e-mail and RSS reading separate. Having these headlines pop-up while I'm checking Gmail just doesn't do anything for me. I'd prefer something a little more practical--like being able to move my e-mail out Inbox and into folders.

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December 08, 2005

More webfeeds for IEEE Spectrum Magazine

I was aware of the IEEE Spectrum "newest article" feed because it's part of IEEE Explore, but the magazine has an additional feed service on its own website. It's billed as an industry feed; you can select the all-industry feed or select 1-16 industries to create something more customized.

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Webfeeds: Wiley spectroscopyNOW & separationsNOW

Wiley has a suite of feeds for their analytical chemistry portals: and For each methods (NMR Spectroscopy, HPLC, etc.) there's a feed for news and another for the e-zine.

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December 07, 2005

Webfeeds: Factiva (revisited)

Still in beta after more in a year, the Factiva Choice feeds are worth a mention. If you have access to Factiva, you can select from 25 industry-specific feeds. For each one, Factiva will select and push out 10-15 articles each week. Some of the feeds have a science/engineering focus: Chemicals, Telecommunications, Energy, Metals/Mining, Aerospace, etc. The entries in the reader should link back to the full text in Factiva. While this is a good way to expose users to a few select articles without innundating anyone, I hope they're planning to offer the capability to create customized search feeds in a future update.

It works fine in FeedDemon, except I need to work out some proxy issues with the off-campus access. However, Bloglines isn't bolding the new content--again.

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November 23, 2005

Webfeeds: American Chemical Society Journals (mid-December)

According to ACS, they will have feeds for all their journals by the middle of December. Outstanding!!

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November 16, 2005

Webfeeds: IEEE Explore

IEEE now has feeds for all of their journals. Each one can be accessed from its respective journal's homepage. However, in a goofy move, you cannot get to the complete list unless you enter a name and e-mail address. The list is currently on their e-mail alerts page, where it does make sense to request that information (though you don't actually have to enter a valid e-mail address). But it's not necessary for an RSS feed list, and inconvenient if I want to add the journals to my list and link them all to a single page rather than the individual journal homepages.

Send an e-mail to IEEE Explore feedback: thank them for the feeds, and ask them to place the list on a page separate from the e-mail alerts.

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November 15, 2005

Navigating the Information Sea with RSS (CLA Presentation)

Here's the presentation I gave last week at the California Library Association meeting in Pasadena. Both are PPT.

"Live" presentation - this is the one I actually gave. The network/internet access was there, as promised, so it was able to go to all of my websites and add feeds to Bloglines and FeedDemon.

Presentation w/ screencaps - this was the backup I prepared, with all of the sites included.

I think it went pretty well. There were about 40 people, mostly from public libraries (with academic libraries a distant second). Only 2 of them had blogs set up at their libraries, some were at least familiar with RSS, but most had at least heard of it.

One thing that came up in the discussion was the difference in how academic and public libraries (and smaller academic libraries) access journals. That publishers like Royal Society of Chemistry and Nature Publishing Group offer feeds for their journals is more important for academic libraries that license access directly with the publishers. But public libraries that rely more on the aggregators (ProQuest/Ebsco/Gale) to get their full-text need those providers to offer the feeds. A public library user who has the RSC feed for Chemical Communications isn't going to be able to get the PDF off the RSC site. First, they're going to need aggregator-provided feeds to direct them to the available full-text articles in these collections. ProQuest has taken the first step with their Curriculum Match Factor feeds, but all three vendors need to be moving forward with this.

One attendee wisely questioned the necessity of offering feeds for patrons to keep up with overdue and recall/pickup notices. I'll agree that some RSS feed offerings don't make a lot of sense (like offering feeds for the current issue and 3 most recent issues). There's clearly an element of throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. The other library feeds, like OPAC custom searches and new book listings by LC were clearly of more interest.

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November 05, 2005

CLA Conference

Sunday afternoon, I'll be at the California Library Association conference in Pasadena, giving a presentation on RSS. (If you read SD Librarian or any of our UCSD stuff--stop by and say 'hi'). Like my previous experience at a state library conference, I'm hoping for a good mix of academic, school and public librarians. Unlike my previous experience at GLA, where most of our cell phones didn't even work on Jekyll Island, I've been promised internet access. Which just means I've had to prepare 2 versions of my presentation: one that incorporates jumping from the PPT to the web for live demos, and another that has screencaps of all the websites--the backup in case the internet access doesn't happen.

What I won't have this time around are handouts, for several reasons.

  • I'm still making major tweaks to the presentation, even now. Having an overloaded fall quarter and still recovering from a week-long cold didn't help.
  • Saving paper, plus I never make the right number of copies. Either too many or not enough, usually the latter because of all the people who slip in before the presentation, grab handouts, and slip out.
I'll post it online when I return (probably the screencap version).

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October 31, 2005

Webfeed: Thomson Scientific KnowledgeLINK

KnowledgeLINK, Thomson Scientific's new librarian resource site for all things Web of Knowledge, is now available. A feed is available for news and press releases.

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October 24, 2005

Webfeeds: American Chemical Society (sort-of)

I stumbled across some new feeds from several ACS publications. Not for the research articles, but it does at least add substance to the generic "we're working on it" reply I got at SLA. These seem to be the work of a single, talented web editor.

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October 08, 2005

Google Reader

I've been playing with the new Google RSS reader for about 2 hours. So far, I'm not thrilled with the interface and lack of features. I trust that this is an active beta and that Google will work hard to improve it.

Under the "Home" link, it looks like it can collate all the feeds so you can see all the new, unread entries as a single list, as opposed to the bold (new content) or unbold view that the other readers use. We'll see how well it works.

I imported an OPML file of my Bloglines collection, and the folders I had them in are now "labels," a carryover from Gmail that I really don't like. You can see all of your feeds under the "Your Subscriptions" link, but this has some problems. I can look at a list of entries from a feed, but can't get them to disappear once I've looked at them.

Google has a group running with people posting comments about the reader. I'll check back next week when I return from my vacation.

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Webfeed: Chemical & Engineering News

C&EN now has a feed for all of its latest news, not just for their Nanofocus section.

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September 12, 2005

Webfeeds: University of Chicago Press Journals

Jay Bhatt at Drexel mentioned University of Chicago Press in his list of journals offering feeds. Another multi-disciplinary publisher with some important science titles like Astrophysical Journal, Astronomical Journal and Quarterly Review of Biology.

UC Press has done everything right on this one. There's a link off the homepage to a single list of all of the journal feeds, and the feeds are also accessible from the journal homepages.

They also have a new books feed.

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Webfeeds: American Institute of Physics

AIP now has RSS feeds for their 11 journals. For the longest time, they just had the 3 news feeds: Physics Today, Physics News Update and FYI: Science Policy News. Now they've caught up with IOP and APS.

There's currently no master list, so you'll have to go to each journal homepage. What's interesting here is that there's not only the one feed for all of the articles, but there are also "topic" feeds that correspond with the sections of the journal. For example, if you're interested in Applied Physics Letters but just the articles in the Applied Biophysics section, you can get the feed to keep track of those articles only.

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September 11, 2005

Webfeeds: Royal Society of Chemistry

Finally!! The RSC now has RSS feeds for their journals, with more on the way.

Feeds are currently available for journal Advance Articles and further feeds are planned that will cover other RSC news and activities.
Kudos to Phil Abrahams and everyone else at RSC for moving forward with this. The feeds are listed on this single page as well as on each journal homepage. There's nothing yet on the RSC homepage (hint), but there is a "latest news" link on the journals homepage.

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September 07, 2005

Webfeeds: CSIRO Publishing

Australia's CSIRO Publishing now has feeds for all of their science journals: including Australian Journal of Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, Marine & Freshwater Research, and Australian Journal of Zoology.

Plus a new books/CD's feed and another for their sustainable development magazine Ecos.

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August 25, 2005

Google Talk

The Google empire continues to spread. There are articles in today's Guardian and NYT about Google Talk, the newly launched VoIP/IM beta. It's limited to Gmail account holders, so I've added a few people to my list to try it out (if you want to add me, it's It looks like you can configure GAIM, Trillian Pro and other third party IM managers to accept the Google Talk information (but not sadly, not the free Trillian). Is it worth upgrading to Trillian Pro? I went ahead and upgraded to Trillian Pro and configured it for Google Talk using the Jabber plugin.

I'm curious to see how it compares to Skype, which has been a joy to use while working on the CMS article with 2 of my friends and former colleagues at Georgia State. It's worked well in my office, outside the library on my laptop, even at home using the dialup.

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August 08, 2005

Webfeeds: Cambridge Journals Online

Cambridge Journals Online, as promised, is now offering feeds (RSS/Atom) for their journals. The feed links are on each journal homepage, as well as listed together on a single page. I didn't see anything on the site that give an explanation of how to use the feeds--or the difference between the RSS and Atom options--but I'm hoping this is in progress. The feed links are not embedded in the RSS and Atom buttons. Instead, they take you to the explanatory page. The two pages are virtually identical, going so far as to include RSS and Atom are just two different formats that do basically the same thing on each, with the feed link at the bottom of the page (RSS 2.0 or Atom 0.3).

This is a vast improvement of that other multidisciplinary publisher (OUP) that still doesn't have all their feeds listed on a single page.

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August 03, 2005

Webfeeds: Cambridge Journals Online

They don't have them available yet, but RSS/Atom feeds are listed as one of the new features available when the CJO site goes live on August 8.

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July 31, 2005

Science News Podcasts

Here are a few good sites that offer science news podcasts. If there are other you'd like to recommend, please do so.

Science AT NASA
Science and Society
Science Friday (NPR) - they also have a good explanation of how to use the files
SETI Podcast
Quirks and Quarks (CBC Radio)

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NewsGator and FeedStation (podcasts)

Now that I'm spending some more time with NewsGator (to see if it does a better job than Bloglines with the bold/unread indicator with database search feeds), I've also downloaded the FeedStation beta.

I have subscribed to several podcast feeds. When I open up the feed in NewsGator, I get the option to add each audio file to a My Podcasts folder, which I guess is synched to a FeedStation folder on my C: drive. The selected files get downloaded to my C: drive, and then I can listen to the files when I want in Media Player (or I suppose I could export them to my iPod if I had one).

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Bloglines: Bold/Undread feature not working w/ database feeds?

Lately, I've been having problems with my database search feeds in Bloglines not going bold when there's new content. This includes my feeds with ProQuest, PubMed, HubMed and EiV2 (though not Astro Data System)--and it happens with some feeds, not all of them. There are new records, but the feeds aren't showing up in bold. Has anyone else been seeing this?

It's frustruating because I'm showing patrons how to use the feeds offered by these database providers, and while I'm explaining how the reader works I have to give the proviso that the bold/unread feature may not work with these feeds.

I've sent a e-mail to the Bloglines help desk, and we'll see how successful that goes. I'm not sure if it's Bloglines, the databases, or my computer/browser (I've tried 2 computers in IE and Firefox). I've copied the OPML file into Newsgator's Web Edition, and I'll see how the database search feeds show up in this reader.

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June 28, 2005

Webfeeds: PLoS Journals

This may be another one that I didn't catch on my radar, but the Public Library of Science offers feeds for their 3 journals: PLoS Biology, PLoS Medicine, and PLoS Computational Biology. On each journal homepage there's a feed for recent articles, and for PLoS Medicine there's also one for recent research articles. When you access the Current Issue for each one, you also get a choice of 2 feeds under "Download XML" for Table of Contents and Research Articles. I just subscribed to the ones on the homepages.

Not surprisingly, there's no single page that lists all of these.

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Testing Blogger Images

Just testing out the new Blogger Images feature, which means uploading images without going through a dozen steps and still not getting a picture.

Here's one of the Geisel (as in Dr. Seuss) Library at UCSD, from the southwest corner. It's home to several libraries, including Science & Engineering. The tower is primarily social sciences and humanities materials, while we're in the grass off to the far right in the east wing.

Photograph by David Westphal

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June 15, 2005

Webfeeds: PubMed!!

Thanks to Steven for the heads-up. PubMed's "send to RSS" option has gone live.

I've already set up a few alerts in Bloglines. The e-journal icons you get in PubMed carry over in the feed so you can go right to the article (assuming you have access, etc.). Unfortunately, it also cut off the names of my search feeds. Substrate specificity and protein phosphatases became PubMed: fluorescent specificit....

The odd thing is that the new results aren't showing up bold in Bloglines. This is also happening with my Factiva and ProQuest feeds, even though I'm getting the new content. Is this a Bloglines quirk with some dynamically generated search feeds? It's not happening with HubMed, ADS or Compendex.

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June 07, 2005

Publisher/Webfeed Report: SLA Toronto

When I asked about feeds:

  • Royal Society of Chemistry - coming soon; will probably start with Chemistry World
  • Science Direct - coming but no date
  • APS was actually promoting their feeds
  • AIP, ACM, Wiley, ASME - variations of "don't know"
  • Blackwell - no
  • IEEE - planning to expand their current list; we also discussed the possiblity of search feeds
  • ACS - thinks their working on it, and will check
  • PubMed - didn't know when "Send to RSS" option will go live

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June 03, 2005

Toronto (June 4-9)

I'll be at SLA, naturally. If I can snag a computer I might post while I'm up there (no laptop). Otherwise I'll have lots of notes for when I'll get back. I'm going to be checking in with all of our vendors to check on their progress in offering webfeeds.

There's been some chatter this year about how librarian-bloggers will identify themselves at the conference. I made up some badge stickers that I'll be bringing. Scroll down the page and you'll see it on the right under the Webfeed section. And yes, I borrowed this from the PAM group.

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More on the ProQuest Feeds

In early May, I wrote about ProQuest's Curriculum Match Factor project, which John Law presented at a California Digital Library meeting. In the presentation he included screencaps of how libraries and faculty could use the feeds to generate "headlines" of the newest articles for one of about 70 topics--with links back to ABI Inform. He kindly sent me the screencaps to use in my presentation to the UCSD Library staff.

Those screencaps are now on the ProQuest site. I'm taking copies to SLA for when I meet with vendors. This is an excellent of what libraries and faculty could do with feeds, and what a marketing opportunity this is for the journal publishers and database providers.

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May 25, 2005

Webfeeds: Cell Press (redux)

Cell Press has modifed their webfeed offerings (for the better). Instead confusing users by offering 4 flavors/journal, they just offering the 2.0. The entire list is now also available from each journal's page, from the "RSS" link in the upper right. Before, it was linked just off the Cell page.

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May 16, 2005

RSS and Webfeeds: A Field Guide for Librarians [PPT]

My PPT presentation from May 12, with some modifications. There was a very good turnout, with a mix of librarians and staff from many of the campus library units, and I got some interesting questions that have given me some ideas for additional exploration.

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May 14, 2005

Webfeeds: Cell Press

Cell Press now has feeds for their 10 journals, plus a combined "all headlines" feed. They're doing the New Scientist thing by offering 4 flavors for each feed: 0.91, 1.0, 2.0 and ATOM 0.3--what a way to confuse users. But at least it'll give me a chance to compare the feeds for the next time someone asks about the difference.

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May 13, 2005

More Library Webfeeds

Two more libraries are using webfeeds for their new book listings, joining the libraries at Univ Alberta, Univ Louisville and Univ Kent. [added to the RSS Compendium]

  • Kelvin Smith Library, Case Western Reserve Univ
    Several news/services feeds, plus 50+ feeds for new books by subject (and a few for VHS/DVD titles)
  • RIT Libraries, Rochester Institute of Technology
    General news, and nearly 30 new book feeds
  • University of Oklahoma Libraries
    General Announcements, Website & Technology Changes, and Employment Opportunities

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RSS 101 Articles

2 recent articles on RSS came across my desk this week:

Feed Simple - Washington Post (5/11). He succinctly sums up what needs to happen to increase awareness and use of the technology.

  • Make it available on your site, make it easy to understand (what it is, and how to use it), and make it easy for users to subscribe to your feeds.
A Guide to Using RSS, Which Helps You Scan Vast Array of Websites - Wall Street Journal via ABI Inform (5/5). More of a general summary about the various readers.

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May 08, 2005

RSS Projects @ ProQuest: Curriculum Match Factor

John Law from ProQuest spoke at a CDL meeting I attended recently. He spoke about their research on student searching habits and needs. RSS came up in the discussion (as it did with Roy Tennant's presentation earlier about metasearching), and John showed us this, their first big RSS project.

If you look at the page itself, you'll see it talks about readers and subscribing to the feeds. But in the presentation, John explained that they envisioned faculty using the feeds by placing them on their own pages, and he had screencaps to illustrate this. Distribution and consumption, vs. consumption alone. For example, someone coming to an accounting professor's website or course webpage would see recent titles of accounting articles with links back to ABI-Inform. Later, I suggested that they needed to include this information on the site as well, screencaps included. People can figure out the whole reader/subscribe thing fairly easily; taking the feed and generating the headlines on your page is trickier.

Have to say it was really great talking with someone from the vendor side who's actually involved with this (and didn't need me to explain it to him). He also said they were working on search-generated feeds for their databases and to be looking for that in the fall. And yes, this includes Dissertation Abstracts.

ProQuest's CMF is definitely going into the presentation. Not only do the feeds link into a subscription database, but it's also a business database and my examples are so heavily skewed toward the sciences.

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Webfeeds for Science Librarians

A while back, Randy asked when I was going to put together a page of webfeeds relevant to science librarians. I started working on it, and realized very quickly it's just not practical. Any time I have to work on webpages must be used for higher-priority activities:

  1. Web stuff related to my job as chemistry librarian
  2. SLA Chem Division
So this project came out of my Bloglines reorganization: a second collection focusing just on webfeeds relevant to science librarians, either for their own reading or of potential interest to their patrons. I've got quite a few in there already, sorted into categories. The only drawback to that there's no way to track new additions short of blogging them.

I'm also experimenting with a social bookmarking option which would allow this tracking, although it means keeping a feedlist current in two places.

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May 07, 2005


If you aren't using Skype yet, I strongly urge you to give it a try. It is soooo cool. I'm using it now to talk to two former colleagues at Georgia State while we work on an article, and the clarity is amazing. It's like they're in the cube next to me, not across the country. I can certainly see job candidates down the road asking if they can Skype their phone interviews.

A couple of things we discovered:

  • Definitely take the time to test it out before you really need to use it. It may take several tries to get mic/headphone connections correct on your CPU. And if you're CPU is on the floor and under the desk like mine, the headphones are probably going to stay connected.
  • The second time we tried it out, Doug and I couldn't hear each other (and were using IM as a backup to figure out what was going on). We each closed out Skype and reopened it and that seemed to fix it.

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Webfeeds: PubMed/NLM (coming soon)

Steven beat me to the punch on this announcement, but the May/June NLM Technical Bulletin has a nice screencap-rich preview of their upcoming webfeed service for PubMed. The RSS Feed option will be part of the Send drop-down menu you get with the results (along with e-mail, clipboard, etc.). You'll get to a page where you can customize your feed a bit, then it generates the feed and give you the orange XML box. You take care of the rest.

I'll probably demonstrate HubMed for the library presentation I'm doing Thursday, but this is a very nice piece of news.

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April 27, 2005

Webfeeds: SD Union-Tribune

Turns out the San Diego Union-Tribune has a wealth of feeds, though the deceptively generic "Local News" feed probably needs to be split in two: one for all city government/scandal news, and one for everything else.

I am surprised that they didn't set one up for biotech like the Seattle Times did. Between UCSD, Scripps, Salk, Pfizer, etc., this would be more useful than that feed for the Buick Invitational.

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April 17, 2005

Webfeeds: Astrophysics Data System

Ooohh, another database has gone RSS. Now I'll have three to show for my class on Thursday, along with Compendex and HubMed.

Run a search, then go down to the very end of the page. You'll see the orange XML box with the feed link that you can capture. It looks you can create the search to run against any combination of the 4 databases, including the arXiv e-prints (which has its own set of specialized feeds on its site).

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April 11, 2005

Webfeeds with Compendex/EI Village 2

As Randy points out, the introduction of feeds as a search alert option EI Village 2 means that librarians who work with engineering faculty and students now have to be able to explain this feature to their users. I think it also has wider implications. Now that one of our subscription databases offers this feature (Inspec's on another platform at UCSD), when will our other vendors follow? Somebody brought this up at a meeting I attended last month...for SciFinder Scholar, no less.

We met with our EV2 rep last week, and I offered several comments about the feeds.

  • Embed the feed link in the orange box. When many of us see that box, we just right-click to copy the feed, which won't work here since the embedded link just opens up another page.
  • If they want to continue this setup, with the XML feed appearing on that second page, then it should at least be a hyperlink so it's easier to copy.
It's also pushing things ahead here. Next month I'm presenting something on RSS/Webfeeds as reference forum that will not only be attended by my Science & Engineering colleagues, but also from other librarians from among our 10 or so branches. And next week I'm co-teaching my first "Current Awareness" class. We'll be covering both e-mail alerts and webfeeds, and I've been thinking about how to keep it all simple and not to get bogged down in the techie stuff.

We'll start with the email-based search and TOC alerts first, and then move to the webfeeds. But do I start with Compendex or with one of the publishers like IOP?. I haven't decided yet, but I also plan to include science news sources in the discussion and point out the value of "capturing the feeds" as a more manageable way of keeping up rather than e-mail.

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"Weblogs: Their Use and Application In Science and Technology Libraries"

Congrats to Randy and Geoff on the publication of their article, published in the newest issue of Science & Technology Libraries (preprint). I look forward to reading it this week.

And on a similar note, our Haworth-published article about blogs has been pushed back to August (sigh).

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March 01, 2005

Webfeeds: American Physical Society Journals

Another physics society with journal feeds!!

APS now has "new article" feeds for their journals: Phys. Rev. Lett., Phys. Rev. A-E, and Phys. Rev. ST AB. They have also created an "Editor Selects" feed for Phys. Rev. C to highlight notable articles from the other Phys. Rev. journals for their readers.

So now there's IOP, APS, and AIP (news only, but I wouldn't be surprised to see journal feeds in the very near future). Which begs the question: why haven't ACS and RSC doing the same thing??

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February 16, 2005

The First Lesson of 2005

When you move across the country and start a new job, take the time you expect to get back on track with your projects and multiply it by at least 4 or 5. This will give you actual time it will take you to get back on track. It's been about 6 weeks since I moved to San Diego and started at the library, and it feels like 6 months. And I'll be feeling all of that in the next few days when I FINALLY catch up in Bloglines.

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January 13, 2005

Webfeeds: Science Magazine

Yes!! Science has finally launched their feeds. They have the new issue TOC, of course, plus some additional ones for NetWatch and the ScienceNOW headlines. They've also set them up for their Next Wave section if you want to track career developements (minorities, US, UK, etc).

ACS now moves to the top of my journal publisher wishlist.

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Testing the new URL

I finally went ahead and changed the URL to the blog. We'll see what problems ensue. I kept the old "georgiasla" URL for now, but for redirecting purposes.

One odd thing I noticed. The user view looks wildly (and unintentinally) different in IE than it does in Netscape or FireFox. Another IE annoyance.

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January 05, 2005

Another Short Hiatus

Dec. 23 was my last working day at Georgia State University. I'm very excited about my new position (not to mention leaving Atlanta after 20 years), but I'm also leaving behind some great colleagues and exciting projects like our blogs and content management system. I've had a very rewarding and productive 3.5 years as a science/reference librarian at GSU, and along with that work experience I have the articles, poster sessions and presentations to show for it.

The computer gets boxed up tomorrow afternoon for the movers who are coming Thursday. I fly out on Friday and start at UCSD Monday morning. If all goes well, I'll be posting next week.

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