October 08, 2005

Google Reader

I've been playing with the new Google RSS reader for about 2 hours. So far, I'm not thrilled with the interface and lack of features. I trust that this is an active beta and that Google will work hard to improve it.

Under the "Home" link, it looks like it can collate all the feeds so you can see all the new, unread entries as a single list, as opposed to the bold (new content) or unbold view that the other readers use. We'll see how well it works.

I imported an OPML file of my Bloglines collection, and the folders I had them in are now "labels," a carryover from Gmail that I really don't like. You can see all of your feeds under the "Your Subscriptions" link, but this has some problems. I can look at a list of entries from a feed, but can't get them to disappear once I've looked at them.

Google has a group running with people posting comments about the reader. I'll check back next week when I return from my vacation.

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