December 14, 2005

American Chemical Society Journals - RSS Feeds

ACS now has RSS feeds for all their journals. There are also links on the individual journal homepages, but these either go back to their main RSS/e-mail alert page, or to the list of feeds themselves (don't right-click to copy the link on the RSS button).

ACS states that the feeds are for "the Articles ASAP and the complete Tables of Contents of all of its journals." I've added a few feeds, and they are indeed a mix of individual articles with DOI's and links to TOC's when the issues are available. I've come across a few minor glitches (like a "null" title field for Accounts of Chemical Research), but otherwise this is a most welcome addition.

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December 12, 2005


The American Chemical Society now has a page for all of their feeds, including C&EN and some previous news and A-page content. They also have a "What's new" feed for the site, and another for Patent Watch page of new chemical patents.

Note: the orange RSS button on many of the pages will only take you to the page of available feeds. It's a URL for an HTML page, not for the RSS feed itself.

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December 09, 2005

For those of us who think that blogging or RSS is "so 2003/2004..."

At the CARL South Mini Conference today, I asked about 90-100 librarians if they have blogs at their libraries. Less than 10 said yes. Later, one of the RSS presenters asked who was familiar with or using RSS, even fewer hands went up. Interesting reality check.

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Web Clips (RSS) on Gmail

Google just added this feature to Gmail. You can now set it up to have feed headlines ("web clips") showing up at the top of your Gmail inbox and when you're looking at individual messages. They have some preselected feeds, which you can manually delete, and there's an option to select ones of your own.

Sorry, but I prefer to keep my e-mail and RSS reading separate. Having these headlines pop-up while I'm checking Gmail just doesn't do anything for me. I'd prefer something a little more practical--like being able to move my e-mail out Inbox and into folders.

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December 08, 2005

More webfeeds for IEEE Spectrum Magazine

I was aware of the IEEE Spectrum "newest article" feed because it's part of IEEE Explore, but the magazine has an additional feed service on its own website. It's billed as an industry feed; you can select the all-industry feed or select 1-16 industries to create something more customized.

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Webfeeds: Wiley spectroscopyNOW & separationsNOW

Wiley has a suite of feeds for their analytical chemistry portals: and For each methods (NMR Spectroscopy, HPLC, etc.) there's a feed for news and another for the e-zine.

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December 07, 2005

Webfeeds: Factiva (revisited)

Still in beta after more in a year, the Factiva Choice feeds are worth a mention. If you have access to Factiva, you can select from 25 industry-specific feeds. For each one, Factiva will select and push out 10-15 articles each week. Some of the feeds have a science/engineering focus: Chemicals, Telecommunications, Energy, Metals/Mining, Aerospace, etc. The entries in the reader should link back to the full text in Factiva. While this is a good way to expose users to a few select articles without innundating anyone, I hope they're planning to offer the capability to create customized search feeds in a future update.

It works fine in FeedDemon, except I need to work out some proxy issues with the off-campus access. However, Bloglines isn't bolding the new content--again.

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