December 07, 2005

Webfeeds: Factiva (revisited)

Still in beta after more in a year, the Factiva Choice feeds are worth a mention. If you have access to Factiva, you can select from 25 industry-specific feeds. For each one, Factiva will select and push out 10-15 articles each week. Some of the feeds have a science/engineering focus: Chemicals, Telecommunications, Energy, Metals/Mining, Aerospace, etc. The entries in the reader should link back to the full text in Factiva. While this is a good way to expose users to a few select articles without innundating anyone, I hope they're planning to offer the capability to create customized search feeds in a future update.

It works fine in FeedDemon, except I need to work out some proxy issues with the off-campus access. However, Bloglines isn't bolding the new content--again.

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