June 15, 2005

Webfeeds: PubMed!!

Thanks to Steven for the heads-up. PubMed's "send to RSS" option has gone live.

I've already set up a few alerts in Bloglines. The e-journal icons you get in PubMed carry over in the feed so you can go right to the article (assuming you have access, etc.). Unfortunately, it also cut off the names of my search feeds. Substrate specificity and protein phosphatases became PubMed: fluorescent specificit....

The odd thing is that the new results aren't showing up bold in Bloglines. This is also happening with my Factiva and ProQuest feeds, even though I'm getting the new content. Is this a Bloglines quirk with some dynamically generated search feeds? It's not happening with HubMed, ADS or Compendex.

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