July 31, 2005

Bloglines: Bold/Undread feature not working w/ database feeds?

Lately, I've been having problems with my database search feeds in Bloglines not going bold when there's new content. This includes my feeds with ProQuest, PubMed, HubMed and EiV2 (though not Astro Data System)--and it happens with some feeds, not all of them. There are new records, but the feeds aren't showing up in bold. Has anyone else been seeing this?

It's frustruating because I'm showing patrons how to use the feeds offered by these database providers, and while I'm explaining how the reader works I have to give the proviso that the bold/unread feature may not work with these feeds.

I've sent a e-mail to the Bloglines help desk, and we'll see how successful that goes. I'm not sure if it's Bloglines, the databases, or my computer/browser (I've tried 2 computers in IE and Firefox). I've copied the OPML file into Newsgator's Web Edition, and I'll see how the database search feeds show up in this reader.

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