May 08, 2005

Webfeeds for Science Librarians

A while back, Randy asked when I was going to put together a page of webfeeds relevant to science librarians. I started working on it, and realized very quickly it's just not practical. Any time I have to work on webpages must be used for higher-priority activities:

  1. Web stuff related to my job as chemistry librarian
  2. SLA Chem Division
So this project came out of my Bloglines reorganization: a second collection focusing just on webfeeds relevant to science librarians, either for their own reading or of potential interest to their patrons. I've got quite a few in there already, sorted into categories. The only drawback to that there's no way to track new additions short of blogging them.

I'm also experimenting with a social bookmarking option which would allow this tracking, although it means keeping a feedlist current in two places.

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Christina said...

Thanks a lot for this. Along these lines, I have a fairly new column in the Maryland Chapter of SLA's newsletter, _the Cutting Edge_. It's called Neat Newsletters and Fascinating Feeds... So far I've just covered areas that I monitor but I expect to branch out to other areas. (link to the newsletter page: