February 15, 2006


I've been having a lot of fun lately with PBWiki. It's a free, hosted wiki service that lets you get comfortable with all the bells and whistles of wikiness without getting your library involved in supporting it. However, you can use it later on to demonstrate what said library could do if the technology was available to the library staff.

I set up a wiki for the group of us in the Science & Engineering Library: our reference team of 7 librarians and library assistants, and our administrative assistant. It's filling a niche for document creation and sharing (easy editing + remote access), and I'm hoping that my colleagues will take further advantage as they get used to the formatting quirks that come with editing a wiki.

Some of the documents we've created so far:

  • Draft policy for our upcoming browsing collection
  • Links to resources and reading material for our public space redesign project, including a combined reference/circ desk
  • A list of links we frequently use at the reference desk to assist patrons. Instead of having to rely on post-it notes on our desk or having to navigate various library and university websites, we have all of them on a single page with an easy-to-remember URL.

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