January 18, 2007

Web 2.0 Staff Workshops

Here's the blog for my workshop, "From Blogs to Wikis: Getting the Most Out of the New Web." This is a 2-part workshop I now teach through my university's staff development office. One of the things I've been working on is integrating the tools we're covering in the workshop in the actual learning/instruction process. It's a learning process for me, as I want to bring more of these techniques into my chemical information seminar this Spring.

This week, the focus is on blogs, RSS and Google applications like Docs and Spreadsheets.

I'll be adding more stuff over the week, and hopefully the workshop participants will accept their "assignment" and continue adding to the blog and trying out one of the Google products. Next week will be wikis, the whole social networking/tagging/bookmarking arena, and possibly Firefox.

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Andrew said...

I'm a web 2.0 geek, journal professional, and rss debtor, too.
Why update scarcely?