March 12, 2007

Add This Widgets (RSS/Bookmarking)

I guess these have been around for a while, but I only noticed them this week on

The Add This widgets are fantastic way to offer subscription and bookmarking features on your blog without having to create separate buttons for each RSS reader or social bookmarking system you want to include.

The widgets are easy to set up and customized, and then you just copy/paste the resulting code. Clicking the Subscribe to SD Librarian button takes your user to a page where they can select one of 22 web-based or desktop reader. The Bookmark SD Librarian widget is available in two versions: bookmark the entire site or bookmark a particular entry--with 30 social bookmarking sites to choose from.

The code for the RSS and "Bookmark this site" widgets was placed in the Subscribe HTML/Javascript page element in New Blogger. The code for "Bookmark this blog entry" got pasted into the template with no problems.

With an account, one can: 1) get some user statistics for each page that uses one of the widgets, or 2) customize the Add This screens to bypass the prompt pages and go right to subscribing to the feed or bookmarking the page.

AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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