September 08, 2004

Science Library Blogs: Two Examples

As a science librarian, I'm always happy to see other science librarians moving ahead with blogging and RSS/webfeed initiatives. Here are two great examples that will be going into my future blog presentations:

  • Science News from the Reed Library - Linda Maddux's blog is an excellent example of what you can do in a "solo" setting (in this case, a solo science librarian). It's a Blogger site, of course, but she's using the FTP function. This not only allows Linda to use her library's URL as the address, but it also saves everything she's writing to her library's server. This is a good model for creating a Blogger page: she has links going back and forth between the blog and library website, and she's indexing her entries to compensate for the lack of categories.
  • SciTech News at UT Libraries - The 8 science librarians at UT are using Movable Type for their blog, now about 6 months old. Again, a thorough job identifying the purpose, audience and contributors. I also see a few subject cateorgies that I may appropriate for our science library blog.

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