September 01, 2004

Washington Post: Lots and Lots of Feeds

Research Buzz commented last week about the Washington Post's 1500 feeds and how you can bring them all up with a Google search. You can also tweak the search to find feeds for a broad subject (business inurl:rssheadlines.xml in Google will bring up 87 feeds). While I understand the WP's not having an A-Z list on their site for logistical reasons, having that list is what allows you to browse and to pick out feeds that you haven't seen before. Could we at least get a directory-style listing, please?

Other than using Google, finding feeds for the Post is a bit serendipitous. As you're reading the articles, any relevant feeds will be listed to the left. For example, if you're reading an article about Milosevic, you'll see that there is a feed for 'Milosevic on Trial.'

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