November 03, 2004

Webfeed Roundup for November (part 1)

  • The Government of Canada Newsroom has 35 feeds. Some of these are standard like national news and news by province. They also have audience-specific feeds like Aboriginal Peoples, Immigrants, NGO's, Seniors, Students, and Visitors to Canada. [from Gerry's presentation]
  • The Internet Archive has a "most recent additions" feed for their collections. They also offer similar feeds for some of the individual collections. [source: ResourceShelf]
  • Nature Publishing Group has expanded their collection of feeds, again. They now have "Advance online publication" feeds for their journals beyond the Nature titles, including EMBO Journal. [source: Library Stuff] In a related note, I e-mailed Science last month to find out if they were going to be offering feeds in the future. I got a very quick "we're working on it" reply.
  • The State Department now has 4 feeds (highlights, press releases, briefings and remarks from the Secretary of State), the most notable addition to the scattered collection of federal government feeds I've seen in a while. Right now there's a blurb about the feeds on the State Department homepage, under Highlights. There's also a link on the Press and Public Affairs page. I have discovered that if the feeds aren't linked, from the main page, then going to site's news or press release page is the next best place to try if you're browsing. [source: RSS in Government]
  • I'm not big MSNBC reader except for their entertainment columns, but they have a collection of 17 feeds--including one for Newsweek. [source: LawLibTech]
    • The Newsweek "top stories" feed also has its own page with an explanation of RSS, which makes me think they they will be adding to this list shortly.

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