October 19, 2004

Houston: Problem Resolved (I think)

Bloglines finally updated the Atom feed, so apologies again to everyone who got the batch of test posts. Thanks to Jay for the 'heads-up,' and I'll get back to posting tomorrow. And I'm not thrilled about using Feed Burner either, but Blogger doesn't use RSS. I figure it's like Blogrolling; I'll use it until it goes away or they try to charge me, then I'll move to something else.

And my earlier comment about needing to come up with a new URL for this site, is now valid. I'm leaving Georgia State after 3 1/2 years (and the state of Georgia after 20) just before Christmas, and on January 10 will begin as chemistry librarian at University of California, San Diego. Yes, I'm very excited and nervous, and yes, I plan to continue this endeavor. I have already staked out a possible URL (sdlibrarian.blogspot.com) , and sometime between now and January will probably move everything to the new URL.

If there are any San Diego librarians reading this, any housing suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

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