October 07, 2004

Some Tinkering

You might have noticed that I've made a few changes. The title, for one. After commenting on The Guardian's adoption of "webfeed," I felt that I should do the same. I also changed my syndication link accordingly. I wanted to use the graphic, but I couldn't figure out the BloggerBot tool. Neil suggested The Guardian should license the "Web Feed" graphic, but I think that would be like trying to license "RSS" or "XML" graphics.

I think the title's better, but I'm still not satisfied with it. Have all the good, clever and professional-sounding "library-" centric titles been taken at this point?

And then there's the URL. I definitely violated one of the cardinal rules of blog-building with a bad URL. "georgiasla" made sense when this was just a test blog for a presentation to the Georgia Chapter of SLA, but that was 80+ entries ago and before I decided to continue posting after the presentation. I know that I can change the Blog*Spot URL, though I'm wondering it'll break the webfeed for those using readers (I've set up a dummy blog to test). Then all I'd have to do is come up with a new URL. I found a couple I liked, but they're all attached to blogs that haven't been updated since 2002. And I don't want to use my name in the URL.

So if you have any suggestions for a new title or URL, please send them my way.

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1 comment:

Neil said...

Fair point - when I said "license" I should probably have said "let people use" - which we might be able to do shortly...

Neil Mc