October 13, 2004

Webfeeds: Entertainment

While I'm killing time for the Rescue Me season finale and attempting to fight off what's shaping into a nasty cold, I thought I'd offer up feeds for some of my favorite non-library/tech/science sites:

Here are two others worth mentioning, even though they're outside my favorites:

  • The Force.Net - The original Star Wars news site. I was reading this back when it was still based at Texas A&M, but as the movies get progressively worse I try to tune out as much news as possible. But if you still care about about Anakin and the gang... [feed]
  • Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator - This one got a mention on LII. If you're a school or public librarian, this is one you should add to your webfeed list. It's an aggregator of news and rumors about the books and films. [feed]

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